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7 steps to help your team collaborate

How to make collaboration easier. First published 27 September 2021.

Process - when to tweak, when to tinker

When to improve your process, and when to overhaul it completely. First published 22 February 2021.

The hard numbers behind a bold strategy

We go behind the headline numbers in a major law firm’s recent strategy announcement on diversity in its UK operation. We think those numbers mask some stretching execution challenges, and think the law form deserves more credit than they’re probably getting. First published 11 November 2020.

Efficiency and productivity - you can improve both

They’re often regarded as the same thing. We don’t think they are, and believe that getting your focus right on these two will pay off in your improvement projects. First published 22 July 2020.

Four Agile legs good, two Waterfall legs bad?

A blog on legal project management, and on some of the misunderstanding out there about “agile” and its supposed superiority over – well, over what? Apologies for some slight irritation at the virtue-signalling that is becoming a norm – possibly too much GOB (grumpy old boomer) here. First published 7 May 2020.

Should lawyers code?

Short answer, no, although if they want to, we’re not going to stop them. A question that shows little sign of being settled. We don’t like the term “coding”, and advise care be taken in what you wish for – the blog’s title “The most disastrous thing” is not meant to be pessimistic, but it is certainly cautionary.  First published March 2018, republished 15 April 2020.

Value and innovation

Why improvement isn’t innovation unless it delivers value.    First published 27 February 2020.

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